Beautiful handmade clothing and accessories

Thank you for visiting Clemency Jude. Slow fashion clothing and accessories, using repurposed fabrics.

Emma Talbot, founder of Clemency Jude is a slow-fashion designer based in Bedford, designing collections using only recycled fabrics.

She is passionate about colours, and prints and bringing beautiful textures together, which have been previously loved, to transform them into wonderful new clothing items and accessories.

Her collections are inspired with comfort, style and sustainability at the heart. Unique pieces, which have a little story to tell.

Her inspiration is Scandinavian prints and textiles, mixed with a splash of metallics.

Enjoy perusing….


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  • Thanks for your creativity!

    I love it so much, thanks for your creativity. Looking forward to using it all summer ☀️ Amy Ashton

  • Lovely compliments!

    Thank you so much I love it!
    I have had some lovely compliments. I may have to order another! xx Kathryn Bedingfield

  • It’s already had its first outing!

    I couldn’t wait to get it home and try it on. Thank you so much I’ve been looking for a new denim jacket for ages and I love the statement arms! Jen Oldham