Neon Marl


Over the past year we have teamed up with fashion label Neon Marl to make use of their old sweatshirts and unused stock.

Using old jumpers and T-shirts, we make these into fabulous one-off headbands using faulty or returned stock which would otherwise have been sent much further afield to be recycled or failing that ending up into landfill.

We collaborated over the past year and used this trial to raise money for Breast Cancer Now donating a portion of sales to the charity, and raised over £600. 

We have now made this a formal sustainable partnership and all our bands are now being sold directly from Neon Marl’s website. 

Amber from Neon Marl “I love our partnership,  you have breathed new life into our returned items and created a fabulous business”

Using returned or deadstock fabric means we only have a limited number of colours available in each style, and will be continuously updating the current collection. Sign up to new stock alerts by joining the Clemency Loves Jude club or registering your email on Neon Marl via their newsletter.